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Kintz Plastics' Technology Center conference room displays some of the numerous awards won over the years. The display is an inspiration for Kintz employees and a confidence builder when establishing new working relationships.

The commendations represent more than four decades of leadership in heavy-gauge thermoforming, which uniquely positions Kintz Plastics as the fulfillment partner and supplier of choice in the bio-medical, automotive, electronics, environmental, kiosk and security industries.

Kintz Plastics continues to invest in the knowledge of its people and the modern environment in which they work.

Kintz leadership and commitment to its partners – as well as to its employees and to the communities that surround is rural nine-acre complex --  have earned it countless industry awards and commendations since its inception.

In its quest to bolster and expand the skill-set of an already top-notch workforce, Kintz Plastics continues to participate in the Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) program at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in nearby Troy, NY.

AMT Team

The AMT degree initiative fulfills the educational requirements for a four-year apprenticeship program for Machinist, CNC Machinist, Moldmaker, Toolmaker and Tool and Die Maker offered through the New York State and Federal Departments of Labor. Just as important, the program enables highly motivated and talented students to learn while they earn, and to get hands-on experience that leverages the knowledge learned in the classroom.

Ninety-five percent of all students who complete the rigorous programs have job offers before graduation. According to Wynn Kintz, CEO of Kintz Plastics, a major supporter of the AMT initiative, “There is always a pressing need for people with the advanced skills that are offered in the program.”

Kintz Plastics continues to be an active participant in the Apprentice Program sponsored by Hudson Valley Community College. Recently, we welcomed the opportunity to offer monetary awards for students in the program with the highest GPAs (grade-point-average). At the same time, the college gifted us with another Capstone Project that is on display in our Technology Center.

These Projects represent real milestones in achievement by our young people enrolled in HVCC’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology program. In addition to sponsoring the program, Kintz manufactures the acrylic covers that protect the student project.  For more on this program, see Kintz Commentary, Spring 2015, page 4.