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Capital Region Business Beat: Kintz Plastics Shaping 'Future' For Different Industries

By Jon Dougherty
Plastic is part of everyday life. One of the largest private employers in Schoharie Country is a plastic company, and it's products are being shipped around the world. Jon Dougherty takes us there in this week's Capital Region Business Beat. READ MORE


HOWES CAVE, N.Y. -- Look around and you'll likely see something plastic. It's everywhere.

For Wynn Kintz, plastic has always been a way of life. "It started at an early age and kind of progressed through the very steps," Kintz said. As a young boy, Kintz worked at his parents jewelry and plastics fabrication businesses. In 1976, after leaving the Navy, he started his own plastics company, Kintz Plastics, Inc. "We are heavy gauge thermo-formers," Kintz, the president of Kintz Plastic said. The company uses sheets of plastic, heats them and and molds them into different products. "For example, if you have an MRI or a CAT scan, chances are pretty good the cover around that machine could be the covers we make right here at Kintz Plastics," said Kintz.

For 39 years, Kintz Plastics has helped form items for many different industries including the biomedical and car industries. They recently brought on a business from Arizona to make dog pools. Kintz said they've molded hundreds of the pools over the last few months for One Dog One Bone. Kintz also molds their climate controlled pet carriers, one of which is owned by Paris Hilton. With around 85 employees, Kintz Plastics has also molded products for global companies like Siemens, Xerox and General Electric.

"High-tech biomedical stuff to doggie pools, we do the whole range of different products," Kintz said. Most of the company's focus, however, remains on the biomedical field. Kintz said it's important because the machines their work will be put on will help save lives. "When you go into a hospital or a medical facility and you see our equipment there, it's rewarding and it makes you proud that you had a part in that," Kintz said. Besides a business owner, Kintz is also a boxing judge that travels around New York state. He also jars his own honey from combs situated right behind their Howes Cave headquarters.

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