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Employment at Kintz

Kintz Plastics, Inc. specializes in partnering with highly innovative and competitive companies to produce molded plastic parts (thermoforming). The biomedical industry is a primary customer, and Kintz produces many of the covers on high-tech medical equipment. Customers also include medical electronics, automotive, environmental, computer and other specialty applications.

Kintz custom-designs products for clients using computer-assisted-design (CAD) software. A 30,000 square foot Technology Center integrates the company’s Design and Engineering Departments with a production facility.

Kintz Plastics has one of the largest rotary thermoformers on the East Coast. Affectionately called Jumbo, it can produce a part up to 9 x 13 feet!

Founded in 1976, Kintz Plastics Inc. is based in the picturesque hamlet of Howes Cave, N.Y. The work environment is well lit, quiet, well-ventilated, heated and air conditioned. Employees must wear eye and hearing protection. They are not exposed to any noxious chemicals or fumes. Manufacturing operations run two shifts, five days a week. Employees work individually and in teams.

Getting a job at Kintz Plastics

An entry-level applicant must have at least a high school diploma or GED. There are no previous experience requirements, but prior experience in manufacturing is a plus. The company generally hires from the local area and recruits from nearby community colleges.

Because operators are working with large and powerful machines, mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity, an ability to troubleshoot, good eye-hand coordination. Experience working with machinery, tools, equipment and computers is a plus. Higher level technician positions often are promoted from within or filled with graduates of two-year colleges who have degrees in manufacturing or engineering sciences.

Engineers generally have to have a four-year engineering degree, although someone with excellent skills and knowledge could be promoted from within the company without a four-year degree.
Internships are provided on the high school and college levels. Internships have included accounting engineering, and operating the machines on the floor.

For more information about Kintz Plastics, peruse this website or fill out the contact form.