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Evolution of a Kintz Part


Evolution of a Kintz Part

As the design takes shape the modern thermoformer brings together a development team comprised of engineering, tooling, and production specialists. Together they map a project strategy that takes full advantage of their combined skills and experience. There are always a variety of right ways to do a project, but this team's goal is to find the best way to meet your unique requirements. Once approved by a participating partner, we put the part into production…staring with the forming process.

Another Kintz Advantage to manufacturing award-winning parts and successful problem solving is the experience, strength and knowledge base of our in-house toolmaking department.

Tool Design

In-plant toolmaking allows Kintz Plastics to provide total part responsibility – from the design stage to the manufacturing of the molds, tools, dies, and fixtures of production quantities.

By utilizing CAD/CAM and CNC machining centers, we  can ensure that the integrity of a client’s initial design is carried through to the completed tool. Because we build our own tools in house, we can offer competitive pricing and aggressive lead times. Kintz is able to implement any revisions, design changes or modifications without interruption to a partner’s production schedule.

Thermoform Engineering

Kintz Plastics’ Thermoform Engineering manufactures custom-made plastic parts for OEM's in a wide range of industries using three thermoforming technologies.

In addition to vacuum forming and pressure forming, Kintz has considerable expertise in twin-sheet thermoforming. All three processes, as well as design and engineering support, tooling and fabrication, are performed on its nine-acre campus.

With more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity, and the largest thermoformer in the Eastern U.S., Kintz has the capacity to produce thermoformed panels up to 9 feet by 13 feet with a 60-inch draw.

We know that a part is only as good as the tool that produces it – which is why Kintz produces in-house machined aluminum, temperature controlled molds. Cooling, too, is an important feature of mold making: properly controlled temperatures and cooling times help prevent stress build up and warpage during the forming cycle of the part. We guarantee our tools for the life of the part.

Completed temperature controlled aluminum mold

A kintz operator loads the plastic sheet stock into the machine framework.
loads the plastic sheet stock into the machine framework
The plastic sheet material cools in the mold after it has been heated and pressure formed.
The cooled part is removed from the mold.
cools in the moldcooled part is removed from the mold



At Kintz Plastics, trimming fixtures are given the same engineering and toolmaking attention as we give our molds. Fifteen modern three-axis CNC trimmers and 10 5-axis trimmers deliver accurate, high speed trimming that every part requires – and ensure that your parts will be made to print the first time, every time, for the life of a project.

Precision Assembly

Precision Assembly

In-process Inspection of Interior Components

Ultrasonic inserting, bonding and assembly of components are but a few of the processes performed at Kintz assembly area where all processes are closely monitored to ensure that the final product will meet or exceed customer expectations.

Process Control

Process Control

Kintz Statistical Process Control Center is staffed with experienced personnel. All have undergone years of training with special emphasis on SPC. Prior to production of any part, a first article inspection is performed at each operation.

Painting & Finishing Services

RFI – Shielding being applied to interior of part followed by two-tone painting of exterior

The Paint Department at Kintz operates 10-hours a day, four days a week. To meet the demand of high-quality, painted thermoformed parts, Kintz operates three paint booths for all shifts. Our in-house painting facility can provide any color or finish clients require – including water-borne paint and EMI/RFI shieldings. Our in-house finishing means that we assume responsibility for products from design to finish.

Screen Printing

The Kintz Plastics graphics art department offers screen-printing (even on textured surfaces), PAD-printing, or hot-stamping in single or multiple colors. Our art department can generate finished camera –ready art for client parts or projects and our on-staff artists can provide design services.

Final Inspection

Final Inspection
CMM Final inspection of completed party

Before any part is released for shipping, the final inspection is made to ensure that all parts are made to print and meet the al criteria of the process control charts.

Then – and only then – will a job be shipped.

Final Inspection