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Exposure and Fatigue Requirements

Kintz has the experience to design and engineer parts to withstand some of the most challenging environmental conditions. Exposure to wind and weather present special demands on the design and material of a part. In the visual sample, the part is made up of numerous HDPE cones that are formed into the sheet. The complete part stands 66 in. wide x 105 in. tall, representing one of the largest Kintz has produced.

“There aren’t many thermoformers capable of producing a part this complicated and this large,” Kintz says. “The sheet is only 0.062-in. thick, and the window to get all the different parts to bond is very narrow. PETG has many of the advantages of polycarbonate and is more cost effective. Its impact strength is superior to acrylic, however, it scratches easier. PETG is offered in general purpose grades as well as UV resistant grades that are recommended for weather resistance.