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Kintz Plastics is committed to design and engineering excellence. We assist our customers as partners through every phase of the product development process so that we can produce the highest quality parts with the shortest possible lead time. The parts Kintz produces must add value to a finished product by fitting seamlessly through integration and fit, be attractive, durable and of course affordable. Our engineering services provide in-house mold design and fabrication, tooling design, pre-production samples and product modification. Kintz works with clients to select the right processes and materials for each part.

Another Kintz Advantage to manufacturing award-winning parts and successful problem solving is the experience, strength and knowledge base of our in-house toolmaking department.  
In-plant toolmaking allows Kintz Plastics to provide total part responsibility – from the design stage to the manufacturing of the molds, tools, dies, and fixtures of production quantities.
By utilizing CAD/CAM and CNC machining centers, we  can ensure that the integrity of a client’s initial design is carried through to the completed tool.

Because we build our own tools in house, we can offer competitive pricing and aggressive lead times. Kintz is able to implement any revisions, design changes or modifications without interruption to partner’s production schedule.

The Kintz engineering department works with a wide range of materials, suppliers and extruders for all types of thermoplastics. The optimal material for a part can be determined by looking at performance and appearance factors, such as:

Engineering Requirements

Certain materials are developed for their thermal stability. Acrylonitrile styrene is one of those materials to consider.

In many fields there are regulatory guidelines that have to be followed. With vast experience in many industries Kintz can guide the development of a part to conform to industry regulations. Proper choice of material thickness and other tolerances and other critical measurements are part of the process of creating a part.

It is one thing to design a part and another to actually be able to manufacture that part. With many years of part design and development Kintz engineeris have found many creative ways to manufacture parts.

Some products need the choice of the part and color to be part of the finished product without extra work.

Kintz has the experience to design and engineer parts to withstand some of the most challenging environmental conditions. Exposure to wind and weather present special demands on the design and material of a part. In the visual sample, the part is made up of numerous HDPE cones that are formed into the sheet. The complete part stands 66 in. wide x 105 in. tall, representing one of the largest Kintz has produced.

"Thermoformed plastic is the logical upgrade from sheet metal or fiberglass when parts, panels, housings and enclosures are needed that must be durable and attractive, yet lightweight and affordable. 

There are resins specifically designed to provide high performance for sheet and thermoforming applications that possess excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. It is important to remember that this resistance must not change through thermoforming. Many factors can influence chemical resistance such as a change in appearance, staining and change in surface.

Engineering Elements