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Kintz Heavy Gauge Thermoformers

Kintz Plastics: Leader and clear choice.

Heavy gauge thermoforming is the logical choice for high quality, cosmetically superior parts, tooled at a fraction of the cost of competing processes.  Kintz Plastics is an award-winning, acknowledged frontrunner in the thermoforming industry for more than four decades.

At Kintz Plastics, we are committed to design and engineering excellence in our drive to exceed customer expectations. We team with our clients as active partners through every phase of product development to help them attain the highest quality parts and the shortest possible lead time. In brief, we provide our partners with engineering and design assistance to help reduce labor and material costs as well as speed the new products to market.

The parts Kintz produces add value to a finished product by fitting seamlessly through integration and fit, durability, of course, affordability.  Our engineering services encompass in-house mold design and fabrication, pre-production samples and product modification. Kintz works with clients to select the optimal processes and materials for each part. Although the evolution of a specific part differs to meet the unique needs of each customer, what follows is a typical part creation process.