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Vacuum Formed Parts

Storm water-run-off containment vessels manufactured at Kintz Plastics.

Currently, Kintz Plastics is helping to update fiberglass passenger train interiors with thermoformed replacements. The new thermoplastic material of the redesigned rail car interior replaces the use of fiberglass -- because now we have materials that meet all the stringent standards of smoke and toxicity.

A Protective Shroud produced from HMWPE and used on various sizes of a type of lawn mower. This mower is used to trim around pond edges and other places difficult to access with wheeled mowers.

This image shows 1/2 of a spherical floatation device that is used for oceanography purposes. Produced from heavy gauge, safety yellow colored HMWPE, two of these so-called hard hats are vacuum sealed together to create a spherical float used in undersea long baseline positioning or for surface floatation.

Pressure Formed Parts

Kintz Plastics produces the covers for the VENTANA SYMPHONY system that provides one-touch, walk-away automation for H&E slide processing to increase histology lab productivity.  The VENTANA SYMPHONY system covers are all highly cosmetic, pressure formed products that are produced, finish painted and screen-printed by Kintz Plastics.

This is a vein-contrast enhancement device that uses an infra-red camera to highlight blood (the underlying vasculature) and projects the image in real time onto the skin. With this device, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals can find veins easily and avoid multiple needle sticks to patients. Venipuncture, the collection of blood specimen from a vein, is commonly seen by nurses as one of the most painful and frequently performed invasive procedures. According to an article in the Journal of Phlebotomy, an estimated one billion venipunctures are performed annually.

This large, pressure-formed assembly, molded from Kydex "T" Acrylic / PVC sheet, is a top cover for a medical laser workstation used for performing skin revitalization and pigmentation treatments.

This upper cover is an assembly of three different parts that are pressure formed and machined separately and then assembled together by solvent and epoxy bonding. The assembly is then painted and screen printed.

This pressure-formed top is a cover for a piece of equipment used to trace eye glass frames so lenses can be ground to properly fit the frames. A plug assist was used to help in the forming of this deep draw cover.

This front cover assembly is part of a high speed document scanner. This cover is an assembly of three different pressure-formed parts that are formed and machined separately and then assembled together by epoxy bonding. Once together, the assembly is then painted.

Twin-sheet Formed Parts

This x-ray cassette handle is twin sheet thermoformed using .125" thick Kydex "T" sheet both sides. The overall thickness of the handle in the attachment area needs to be held within a tolerance of +/- .010" so special stops have been designed into the twin sheet mold in order to control the thickness within the tolerance range. These handles were originally machined from solid PVC stock so being able to twin sheet them, which was suggested by KPI Engineering, has saved the customer a considerable amount of money.

This is a cross section taken through the center of a large twin sheeted side panel used to cover a piece of laboratory diagnostic equipment. The panel is produced from Kydex "T" sheet using a .156" thk sheet for the front of the panel and a .125" thk. sheet for the backside. One of the advantages of twin-sheet forming is the ability to vary sheet thicknesses from side to side.

This twin-sheeted cap covers a component that contains a cryogenic material that is part of a medical laser used for cosmetic skin care.