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Responsive Global Partnering

Kintz Plastics has provided parts to clients and partners around the world since 1976. As a reflection of our growth and global reach, we have upgraded our website to take greater advantage of the world wide web and the the changing nature of communications. This means that information about us, our fulfillment partners and our industry is now carried on mainly through the internet. We have made our site "Responsive" meaning that information about Kintz and other information our clients seek is optimized for smartphones to large desktop computer screens. We are taking this change as an opportunity to also emphasize that we are responsive in the traditional services we offer -- from advanced engineering to our other services that produce the best parts in a timely fashion and at a very competitive price.

We also would like to add that we are supporting our employees and representatives that are in personal contact with designers, engineers and purchasing managers with the most up to date information and have made it easier for our reps to present that information and resources through iPhones, iPads and other tablets. We are also adding feed links to the plastic and thermoform industry websites that carry the latest news and information to help our clients reach decisions about the how and why that leads to working with Kintz. In developing this updated site, we wanted to make it as two-way and community oriented as possible. We want as many touch-points with our clients as possible as we evolve with the technology of our industry and communication but will not be formulaic in just making connections to Twitter and Facebook. We strive to make very real, meaningful and immediate connections on many levels.